【10分pk10_pk10诀窍_10分pk10诀窍】WCBA rookie stars defeat college stars at Rookie Challenge

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HOHHOT, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- WCBA rookie stars defeated college stars 79-78 here on Saturday in the 2018-2019 season WCBA All-Star Rookie Challenge.

Li Yuan from WCBA's Shandong side won the trophy of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) as she scored 16 points in the narrow victory.

"I feel so excited. We had great teamwork in the paint." Said Li Yuan, "It's like a mutual learning period playing with the college team. Let them know the rhythm of professional team and we can feel the style of college basketball."

This is the first time that the WCBA All-star Weekend inviting an united team from the college to play against the rookies from the league, as part of the joint effort of Chinese Basketball Association and Federation of University Sports of China to enhance communication and cooperation on multiple levels between sports and education.

The rookies took an early lead from the beginning till five straight points of the students helped them surpassed with 78-77 with one minute and 13 seconds left. Han Xu, center of the national team then contributed two points and a last-second block to secure the win for the rookie team.

"The block was really crucial, after that I thought, 'yes we win'," said Li Yuan.

The 2019 WCBA All-Star Weekend is hosted by Hohhot in Inner Mongolia of China. It is the first time the event is held in a city that doesn't have a WCBA team. The All-Star Game will be played on Sunday night.